Video of Waverley Borough Council Meetings – February 2018

April 5, 2018

For context, it is valuable to see the Waverley Councillors discussions ahead of the vote to adopt the Local Plan.  The full council meeting was described by one Councillor there as sitting ‘with a gun against our heads’.   The POW report on that meeting is here.

The Voting:
The voting was recorded as follows:-
Voting for (41)
Cllrs Brian Adams, Mike Band, Andrew Bolton, Maurice Byham, , Patricia
Ellis, David Else, Jenny Else, Mary Foryszewski, John Fraser, Pat Frost,
Michael Goodridge, Tony Gordon-Smith, Ged Hall, Jill Hargreaves, Val
Henry, Christiaan Hesse, Mike Hodge, Nicholas Holder, David Hunter, Simon
Inchbald, Peter Isherwood, Anna James, Carole King, Robert Knowles,
Denise Le Gal, Denis Leigh, Tom Martin, Stephen Mulliner, Nabeel Nasir,
Libby Piper, Julia Potts, Sam Pritchard, Wyatt Ramsdale, David Round,
Richard Seaborne, Chris Storey, Liz Townsend, Bob Upton, Liz Wheatley
and Nick Williams.
Voting against (1)
Cllr Jerry Hyman
Abstentions (3)
Cllrs Kevin Deanus, Paul Follows and Andy MacLeod

20 Feb 2018 Full Council Meeting

15 Feb 2018 Overview & Scrutiny meeting

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