“Top Gear track to be Bulldozed”

March 20, 2017

The stakes have really been raised now…. the national treasure that is Top Gear track at Dunsfold has hit the headlines:

Link: The Sun

Link: The Telegraph

Keith Lane, one of the 81,000 members of the ‘Top Gear Fans’ Facebook group, said: “At the end of World War Two, there were over 250 airfields in the UK and some of these have become motoring venues, like Dunsfold. However, many of these venues have now been re-purposed as housing. Eventually, there will be none left at all.  There are now very few remaining for motorsport use, so it is vital that no more are built on. Stop all future redevelopment before it’s too late.”

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    Graham & Lyn Cornick

    Great video we’ve passed this on to many others that may help, our greatest concern of course is the impact on the wildlife in and around Dunsfold, they are already under pressure and the development they are proposing would put the nail in the coffin for many species.
    Lyn and Graham Cornick Hydestile Resident Animals (Hydestile Wildlife Hospital)
    Ps If we can help in any way please contact us!

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