POW response to Waverley LPP1 consultation

Protect Our Waverley's response to the consultation on LPP1 is viewable here: Response_Waverley_LPP1_Consultation Supporting documents are included below: Letter-GrahamP-WBC-Policy-SS7A Appendix_1_to_POW_LPP1_Consultation_MM3_and_MM4 Appendix_2_to_POW_LPP1_Consultation_MM22_and_MM23 Appendix_3_to_POW_LPP1_Consultation_General

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These photographs and images are provided for Press use. No credit is required. [caption id="attachment_1048" align="aligncenter" width="765"] Markwick Lane - The forgotten route: All East-West traffic will use this unclassified…

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Dunsfold New Town

Possible reasons for objecting You should set out the reasons which concern you, preferably in your own language rather than simply copying the following suggestions word for word.  Inadequate road infrastructure. The…