Springbok Appeal Inquiry

July 20, 2017

Springbok Appeal Inquiry – Day 3 (20th July) Representation by POW Campaign

POW Campaign, having made a written representation to the Planning Inspectorate about the Inquiry into Waverley’s refusal of permission for 425 new homes on the Springbok Estate in Alfold, attended the Public Inquiry being held at Cranleigh Arts Centre today. Along with other members of the public, the Cranleigh Society and a local Councillor, several key material points as to why the application should continue to be refused were put to the Inspector, Richard Clegg.

POW’s points rested on; unsustainable isolated location, lack of public transport infrastructure and car-dependence, scale of development in relation to the existing village, urbanisation of a designated landscape (AGLV), and flood risk.

We also pointed out to the Inspector the link to the emerging Local Plan, and therefore the prematurity of ruling on this application (which is not a strategic site in the Plan). This could become the first piece in an urbanisation jigsaw across the SE corner of the Borough, which would change its character for ever.

Alistair Mills, barrister
David Elvin QC
Inspector Clegg
Mike Green SCC Highways
Saira Tamboo, SCC