Secretary of State’s Planning Inquiry 18th July

July 10, 2017

The next stage is the the critical Secretary of State’s Planning Inquiry on the specific Planning Approval for the Dunsfold Park redevelopment. 

This starts in the morning of the 18th July at Waverley Borough Council Offices Godalming and is expected to last 12 days.

POW and the Joint Parishes will be making their formal representations throughout the inquiry.

Make your views heard:

Day one is where any members of the public can attend and register their interest in speaking at the Inquiry.   If you do you will be asked to speak on the 21st July ( provisional date).  This is when you can make your views heard, and convey to the Inspector how the Dunsfold development will make an impact on you personally.  It would be particularly beneficial to hear a diverse range of views from across Waverley – so if you have a considered point to make, note it down and attend from the outset.  We hope that it can be made very clear how the lack of infrastructure will have a long term and wide reaching impact on the villages and towns within 8 miles of Dunsfold New Town.  Hopefully individuals can re-iterate why the Development is in the wrong place to provide the homes we need for the future and why the decision appears to be born out of political expediency rather than any planned strategy.

If you have contributed to the Joint Parishes and POW fighting fund then thank-you.  It has enabled us to employ the best team for our formal representations. If you have not yet contributed please go to our donation page:

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