Residents briefing / update 18th June

June 18, 2019

Download: Residents briefing 18 Jun 2019

Dear Residents,

CPRE Surrey (1) and POW Campaign Ltd (2) -v- Waverley Borough Council

The POW/CPRE Court of Appeal case against the uplift in the Waverley housing quota to help meet Woking’s housing quota is scheduled for Monday 24th June at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand London.

Update on the current situation:

You may be aware that immediately after the local elections POW and CPRE invited the Waverley Borough Council (WBC) Executive to meet and discuss the forthcoming Court of Appeal case. In view of the new administration’s stated objective to address the pressure on housing development it was clear that the parties had common objectives – to reduce the WBC housing quota.  A positive meeting was held on 11th June.  Since then POW and CPRE have repeatedly pressed WBC to engage further and agree a deal that is beneficial to both parties ahead of the 24th, and to avoid the need for the Judges to hear a case where all parties effectively want the same outcome. With only a few days until the 24th it is now increasingly unlikely that WBC have time to do a deal with us. (It is unfortunate that the tight timescale is a result of the previous WBC Executive applying for an expedited Court date.)  The options boil down to:

  1. If POW/CPRE win the case then the intended remedy is to remove the Woking unmet need from the quota – totalling 1,577 houses over the Plan period – the same remedy as offered by POW/CPRE to WBC for a pre-Court agreement between the parties.
  2. If WBC were to win then the status quo would prevail – and the current quota would not be reduced, with all the consequences that brings.

The Proceedings:

We have been informed by the Court that “high profile and legally significant cases in the court would be made available via live-streaming in the way that UK Supreme Court hearings habitually are.” and this case comes under this category, possibly the result of our case having planning ramifications beyond our Borough.

You will be able to view it live-streamed here:


If POW are to go to Court then the question of funding remains.  This is a significant case and if we win it will have benefits for the whole Borough.  If you have not contributed to the fighting fund then please do so this week.


POWCampaign Ltd on behalf of Protect our Waverley Campaign

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