Press Release – 8th July, 2017

July 8, 2017

From POW Campaign and the Joint Parishes.

Following the conclusion of the Examination in Public (EiP) of Waverley’s emerging Local Plan, POW and the Joint Parishes are looking forward to the Public Inquiry on the planning application for Dunsfold Park starting on July 18th.

The Inquiry will provide the opportunity for a robust and detailed examination of the application for 1,800 houses and extensive additional industrial space. The EiP Inspector, Mr Bore, endorsed the inclusion of Dunsfold Park in the Local Plan because he saw no viable alternative way to provide for the increase in house building demanded. He did not assess the details of the proposal. He also pointed out that the Inspector at the Public Inquiry and the Secretary of State could reach different views about the acceptability of the development.

We remain confident that the planning application will be rejected.

Notes for Editors

1. Protect our Waverley Campaign

Protect Our Waverley campaign is a group formed to campaign against the development of Dunsfold Park New Town on the Dunsfold Airfield and other un-sustainable planning applications throughout the Borough of Waverley. The campaign is managed by POWCampaign Ltd

For information about POWCampaign please see the campaign’s website   and their companion website

2. For more information please contact:

Bob Lees, Chairman of the campaign 07860 406093

Chris Britton, Deputy Chairman of the campaign    07481 333997

Charles Orange, Joint Parishes Coordinator   01483 208343

Issued for and on behalf of POWCampaign Ltd and the Joint Parishes

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