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March 29, 2018

Press Release:

POW Press release-29 Mar 18


On 29th March 2018, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, announced that he has approved the planning application to build 1,800 houses on Dunsfold Aerodrome.

The original application was approved by Waverley Borough Council in December 2016. However, in March 2017 following local pressure, the application was called in by the Secretary of State for him to determine because of his concerns about the location and its sustainability (under section 77 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990). As a result, and befitting a major and controversial development affecting thousands of people, a full Public Inquiry was held in July-August 2017.

In his announcement, the Secretary of State noted that much had changed since 2009, when planning permission had been refused. In particular, he noted that the need for housing was “massively greater”, especially with “the need to take development from the neighbouring borough of Woking, pushing up the housing requirement still further”. This is despite the fact that the assessment of this “need” is now subject to a court challenge.

Bob Lees, Chairman of Protect Our Waverley, the leading opposition group to the proposal, said: “We are very disappointed that the Secretary of State has permitted this development to go ahead. While more housing is needed, it should be put in the right place and Dunsfold is clearly not the right place, with its totally inadequate infrastructure.” He added that “However, we’re pleased to see that some of the conditions have been amended in response to our comments.”

“I would like to thank all our supporters for enabling us to ensure that our views had a full and public airing.

Looking to the future, he said “We now trust the local authority and the site owner to work closely and constructively with the local community to ensure the adverse impacts of the development are minimised, the creation of the new settlement is effectively managed and the necessary infrastructure is actually delivered.”


Notes for Editors 1. Protect Our Waverley Campaign Protect Our Waverley Campaign is a group formed to campaign against the development of Dunsfold Park New Town on the Dunsfold Airfield and other unsustainable planning applications throughout the Borough of Waverley. The campaign is managed by POWCampaign Ltd. For information about POWCampaign please see the campaign’s website and its companion website

2. The full decision letter with the Inspector’s Report is available at:

Full Decision Letter and Report

3. For more information please contact: Bob Lees, Chairman of the Campaign 07860 406093

Chris Britton, Deputy Chairman of the Campaign 07481 333997

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