Local Plan Update – End of First Week of Examination in Public (EiP)

June 30, 2017

From POW Campaign and the Joint Parishes.

Planning Inspector Jonathan Bore drove the first week at the Local Plan Hearing (Examination in Public) with singlemindedness, and a clear view of what he wants to achieve. He was not afraid to give preliminary conclusions and has already said he will indicate by the end of the hearing next week what he will be recommending, although he will be consulting further with Waverley Borough Council. So far, he has agreed following the advice from POW and the Joint Parish Council’s (JPC) consultant Neil McDonald that on the basis of demographic trends, 396 houses need to be built each year in Waverley, a hundred down on the previous figure. However, the Inspector then proceeded to add other factors which means the total figure is likely to go up from the 519 proposed in the Plan to around 580-600 per annum.

Our advisers, supported by the POW and JPC core team, have been present at the top table throughout and have made significant contributions. Waverley Borough Council was of course at the table, along with many others representing house builders including Dunsfold Park. Other groups included CPRE and the Cranleigh Society.

Ultimately, Waverley Borough Council is in a very difficult position because not only is the housing target rising but also the viability of their development sites (‘the 5 year housing supply’) is being questioned.

At this stage, there is still much to do and many key arguments to be put – and won. We will be valuing every bit of support that those keen to protect our beautiful Borough and rural way of life can provide to help ensure our expert team can match anything the other parties can stack against us.

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