Letter to WBC Councillors – Housing need falls by 27%

September 26, 2018


26th September 2018

Waverley Borough Council Council Offices
The Burys Godalming GU7 1HR

Dear Councillor

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) published new household projections on 20th September 2018*.  These imply a significant fall in the annual number of houses required in Waverley by more than 27%, which equates to over 3,000 over the plan period of 19 years – a very significant reduction. Using the new NPPF ‘Standard Method’ calculation on the Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) for Waverley, Guildford and Woking are as per the table below.

The above numbers can be independently verified by following: http://www.bartonwillmore.co.uk/Knowledge/Intelligence/2018/Housing-need-will-fall-in-light-of-new-household-p

Applying the 27.4% to the current housing requirement of 590 DPA results in around 428 DPA or 8,132 houses over the plan period; by anyone’s standards a reduction of 3,078 is massive and a benefit to all of Waverley.

Guildford Borough Council has yet to adopt its Local Plan and so can benefit from this new data to bring their housing requirement down to manageable levels. WBC can not, unless it recognises the unique opportunity presented by the High Court Challenges being brought by CPRE and POW. This requires a pragmatic assessment of the golden opportunity available to Waverley if CPRE and POW win their challenge or alternatively, if WBC concedes.

It has been said by WBC officers that if CPRE and POW succeed in their challenge, then the Local Plan will fall and the protections within it will cease. POW would like to know from where this advice has come? POW has been advised that the policies in the adopted Local Plan would continue in force and the 5 Year Housing Land Supply (5YHLS) would be calculated in a straight forward manner to deter- mine properly a significant reduction on in Waverley’s 5YHLS

Your duty as a Waverley Borough Councillor is to protect the interests of your Electorate. The pressing question to you is therefore “is it in the Borough’s best interest to continue with the inflated housing requirement or is it in the Borough’s best interest to see a significant reduction in that number and a more balanced and sustainable housing allocation?”  Surely you must believe it is the later, in which case it is incumbent upon you to make your voice heard.

Yours sincerely

Bob Lees
POW Campaign Ltd on behalf of the PROTECT OUR WAVERLEY (POW) Campaign

All WBC Councillors
Tom Horwood, WBC Chief Executive Bea Philpott (Haslemere Herald) Daniel Gee (Farnham Herald)
Andre Langlois (Surrey Advertiser) Jack Fiehn (BBC Surrey) Tom Cantoni (Eagle Radio)

Household projections in England: 2016-based: Indication of the future number of households in England and its regions and local authorities.

Note: Interactive map showing changes in housing need – graphics and data from the Barton-Willmore website http://www.bartonwillmore.co.uk



  1. Reply
    Doug Tait

    Thank you yet again for calling the councillors to answer such questions, and not allowing things to ‘just slip by’. (further donation made)

  2. Reply
    I. McFarlane

    What I find astonishing is that by failing to challenge the burden of the ‘Woking overspill’ Waverley residents will not only have an incorrect local assessment but carry a non-existent Woking one.
    I cannot but suspect there is an irregular collusion with the Dunsfold developer in place.

  3. Reply

    I agree with Doug Tait. As these matters are, for the lay man, complex we re very fortunate to have POW looking after our interests. As things are at present it seems rather difficult to work out what the WBC Councillors objectives are. It is quite remarkable that it takes an organisation like POW to hold them to account on such an important matter, and it begs the question as to what they would pass if they were left unchallenged.

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