Inquiry – Day 7 Summary

July 28, 2017

Dunsfold Park Public Inquiry – Day 7 (27th July) Summary

This morning we heard evidence from the fourth of Dunsfold Park’s four witnesses, Mr Michael Derbyshire of Bidwells.

Mr Derbyshire was taken through his evidence by Mr Christopher Katkowski QC, discussing the harm and the benefits that would be generated by the scheme. Mr Derbyshire concluded that the benefits by far outweighed the harm.

Our QC, Mr Paul Stinchcombe, then questioned Mr Derbyshire on seven major topics:

  • The application of “Garden City” principles to this proposal
  • The damage that would be caused by the proposal to ancient woodland and the risk of flooding on the site
  • The priority to be given in planning to the use of previously developed and (aka “brownfield”)
  • The loss of common land at Shalford that would result from the proposal
  • The drainage problems associated with the proposal
  • The need (or otherwise) for land for employment in Waverley
  • Various planning principles relevant to the proposal.

At lunchtime the Inquiry was adjourned until Tuesday 1st August when it will convene at 10am to discuss Conditions and the s106 agreement. There will be no hearing on Wednesday 2nd August and it will convene again on Thursday 3rd August for closing statements from the three parties: Waverley Borough Council, Dunsfold Park and POW & the Joint Parishes.

Michael Derbyshire



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    Tania Whatey

    Can you tell me what is the proposal for the common land at Shalford?

    1. Reply

      Hi Tania,

      There are new road layouts planned for Shalford as I understand it. The Shalford Parish Council had an exhibition about it at the fete, and there maybe details online. My recollection of the plans were for there to be a wide corridor of land taken from the common on both sides of the current road approaching the roundabout – between the Broadford Road junction and the mini roundabout, with new road junctions at both. The Shalford Parish Council will be the best people to confirm this.

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