Ever wondered what happens to the traffic when the A281 is jammed?

February 12, 2016

RatRuns2016Do you travel to and from Guildford down the A281 and feel the traffic is getting worse?

A twenty minute journey from Alfold has become 30 minutes – and that’s on a good day.  There are critical bottle necks in Bramley where parked delivery lorries create major tailbacks, and the crossroads at Shalford is another frustrating source of delay.  Roadworks are impossible to navigate within a planned time frame and an accident this week meant there were queues back to Palmers Cross.  The 30 minute journey took one hour and 10 minutes.

Now there is the possibility of Dunsfold New town to be built on Dunsold Airfield.  Planners tell us the initial number of houses will be 1800, on top of which will be a huge industrial estate.  This will mean an additional movement of 12,000 – 14,000 vehicles a day, a considerable number of which could be HGVs.

How are our roads going to cope?

Figures from traffic survey data states Bramley roundabout has 19000 vehicle movements a day and Shalford crossroads has 22,000.  It takes little imagination to visualize what will happen to the infrastructure if Dunsfold New Town goes ahead.

What will happen to the surplus traffic as it heads towards Witley, Milford, Godalming and Farncombe stations, Guildford city centre and the A3?

Below is an idea of how people will overcome the growing congestion.  They will use RAT RUNS, many of which are narrow, winding lanes, some single track with passing places, and others with residential speed limits.

Dunsfold Park New Town will have a massive impact on the whole of South West Surrey and the development must be stopped!!

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