Dunsfold New Town spells end of Wings and Wheels

August 26, 2016

If plans are approved to create a New Town on the Dunsfold Aerodrome site, it will put an end to any future public and charitable events such as Wings & Wheels. Despite Waverley Borough Council’s new Draft Local Plan proudly supporting the contribution to Tourism that Wings & Wheels makes to the local community and economy, they omit to say that their intention to make Dunsfold Aerodrome their largest Strategic Site for development will end forever Wings & Wheels and other similar events. If you are concerned, like us, about losing these popular events, you should submit an Objection to Waverley Council, quoting application reference WA/2015/2395. Click here for the link….

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    Paul Winder

    Shocking lack of foresight by the planners of this possible “new town”. This is the lazy option taken by Waverley Council, proposing that the whole quota of new houses the government is pressuring them to build be constructed in 1 location instead of spreading them around the many existing settlements under their jurisdiction (which would have much lower impact on the environment, local population and local infrastructure).
    Best of luck to you campaigners……Paul Winder

    Paul Winder

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