Dunsfold New Town

Possible reasons for objecting

You should set out the reasons which concern you, preferably in your own language rather than simply copying the following suggestions word for word. 

  • Inadequate road infrastructure. The existing road structure cannot cope with the additional traffic that will be generated. There are no plans to make any significant improvements to the roads other than the construction of a new access from Dunsfold Park to the A281. [Add details of any roads that you use which you consider will be particularly adversely affected – such as the Bramley bottleneck and local rat runs].

  • Situation. The site is relatively remote and rural and almost entirely surrounded by an Area of Great Landscape Value as well as being on the edge of the Green Belt. It has Sites of Special Scientific Interest and other ecologically sensitive areas around it and to the east there are substantial areas that are liable to flooding.

  • Services. The resultant increase in the population will impose an excessive additional burden on local services such as hospitals, schools and railways. The infrastructure should be in place first.

  • Wrong place. Housing on this scale should not be lumped together in one remote rural location. In particular the affordable housing required to meet local needs should be built in the existing towns and villages in Waverley where it is needed.