The Dunsfold Impact in a single image

June 29, 2017

If there is one image that sums up the impending disaster that 3000 extra commuter vehicles will bring to the villages and towns of Waverley – this is it.    It is easy to see that the majority of residents of Dunsfold will need to travel to work – and that will mean to the primary centres of employment, Guildford, London, Woking, Basingstoke, Horsham, Farnborough, Godalming. That will probably mean the majority will head to the mainline railway stations or the A3 and A24.  The rural roads to the two nearest stations (Milford and Witley) and to the A3 are single track with passing places.   This can not sustain an increase in peak hour traffic and there will be log jams at the pinch points, and at Milford railway, Milford Crossroads, the access onto the A3, on the A3 approaching Guildford, anywhere around Godalming station, through Hambledon village, and crossing the A283 to get to Witley station.

Those residents on the routes North already have a vision of the impending chaos – Bramley and Wonersh are already at breaking point. Guildford is a no-go area at peak times that now extend into normal hours too.  Routes South through Alfold and East to Cranleigh will easily be swamped at peak times.  Commuters will naturally seek the routes of least resistance and dissipate into less congested country roads.  It will precipitate a tipping point where pinch points will become impassable.

This scenario is real, and there is no strategy to mitigate it, and the impact on our way of life will be far reaching – whether you live in Bramley or Brook, Enton or Witley, Hydestile or Busbridge, Shalford or Alfold, Cranleigh or Farncombe, Busbridge or Hascombe, Gomshall or Godalming, Dunsfold or Milford.  If this scenario appears an inevitable prospect to you, then now is your last chance to stand up and make your voice heard and to stop it.  Click here for your last chance to stop this.

This map needs a simple caption: Unsustainable.

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