CIL ‘Give Away’ to Dunsfold Park

April 25, 2018

Dunsfold – Wednesday 25th April 2018   From Protect Our Waverley campaign

CIL ‘Give Away’ to Dunsfold Park

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new mechanism by which developers contribute to funding the critical infrastructure required for the new homes they build, and POW very much welcomes the introduction of CIL as a positive step towards funding much needed infrastructure throughout the Borough.

At its Executive meeting on 10th April Waverley Borough Council submitted its ‘CIL Draft Charging Schedule’ for examination by an Inspector, but surprisingly proposed a ‘zero CIL rate’ for the current development at Dunsfold Park, and what is more, for all future developments on the site. This means that Waverley Borough Council has not only given away the chance of receiving the £10m to £14m that CIL would have generated from Dunsfold Park now, but also of ever receiving CIL monies that future Dunsfold Park developments would raise. The Council has ignored all requests to reconsider its last minute CIL proposal.

POW asks “Can the cash strapped Borough of Waverley really afford such generosity?”

Using figures recently quoted by the Council Leader herself, Julia Pots, this sum of money could, for example, be used to fund improvements in local infrastructure such as 1400 council house refurbishments, or it could contribute to almost a quarter of the identified funding gap for Transport Infrastructure across the whole Borough.

POW’s chairman Bob Lees said ‘Surely it cannot be right that the present Council is giving away the right of a future Council to raise much needed money for infrastructure from the owner of its largest strategic site. After all one in five of all responses to the consultation – from local individuals, residents’ groups, Parish Councils and developers – raised objections to the zero CIL rating of Dunsfold Park.’

Mr. Lees concluded; ‘We call on Waverley Borough Council to clearly explain to its residents – Council Tax payers and voters – why it is being so generous to the developers of Dunsfold Park and the owner Trinity College Cambridge, at the expense of the local parishes and the whole Borough?’



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    John Slocombe

    So the developers make huge profits and we rate payers are left financing the significant infrastructure upgrade requirements?
    When are the next council elections? Do we have a list of those councillors who voted for the development?

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    A Spracklan

    That’s ok, just leave it to Waverley residents to foot the bill for road maintenance, extentions to local secondary schools, health care coverage, rubbish collections…

    1. Reply
      The POW Team

      Yes, you are correct. The infrastructure improvements that the developers are paying for are not going to make a difference much beyond the environs of their site. The spine road will enable the vehicles to leave the site. The new roundabout will be to allow those vehicles to join the A281. There is widening and revision of the roundabout at Shalford, and some traffic light re-phasing works in Bramley. On balance this is not going to reduce the impact of the extra volume of commuter traffic and commercial vehicles as they attempt to get to the nearest rail links (Milford and Witley 8 miles away) the A3 at Milford, or try to navigate through Guildford and find the A3 there.

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    The POW Team

    Hi John, The Dunsfold Application was passed, details here –

    The voting is recorded:
    A recorded vote was taken, and the voting was as follows:
    For (10) – Cllr Carole Cockburn, Cllr David Else, Cllr Mary Foryszewski, Cllr
    Christiaan Hesse, Cllr Peter Isherwood, Cllr Jim Edwards, Cllr Peter Martin, Cllr
    Andrew Bolton, Cllr Mike Hodge, Cllr John Fraser.

    Against (8) – Cllr Maurice Byham, Cllr Kevin Deanus, Cllr John Gray, Cllr Jerry
    Hyman, Cllr Stephen Mulliner, Cllr Stewart Stennett, Cllr Nick Williams, Cllr Richard

    Note: the use of stand-ins in this meeting was later the subject of a Judicial Review as the vote broke the Council’s own constitutional rules. That JR was withdrawn after WBC admitted the mistakes.

    The Local Plan was passed, details here –

    The Voting:
    The voting was recorded as follows:-
    Voting for (41)
    Cllrs Brian Adams, Mike Band, Andrew Bolton, Maurice Byham, , Patricia
    Ellis, David Else, Jenny Else, Mary Foryszewski, John Fraser, Pat Frost,
    Michael Goodridge, Tony Gordon-Smith, Ged Hall, Jill Hargreaves, Val
    Henry, Christiaan Hesse, Mike Hodge, Nicholas Holder, David Hunter, Simon
    Inchbald, Peter Isherwood, Anna James, Carole King, Robert Knowles,
    Denise Le Gal, Denis Leigh, Tom Martin, Stephen Mulliner, Nabeel Nasir,
    Libby Piper, Julia Potts, Sam Pritchard, Wyatt Ramsdale, David Round,
    Richard Seaborne, Chris Storey, Liz Townsend, Bob Upton, Liz Wheatley
    and Nick Williams.
    Voting against (1)
    Cllr Jerry Hyman
    Abstentions (3)
    Cllrs Kevin Deanus, Paul Follows and Andy MacLeod

    You can see the video of this meeting and it demonstrates that many Councillors expressed unease at passing the Local Plan but they felt forced to vote to approve it.

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    Elaine Lyons

    This is unbelievable. WBC certainly need to explain their reasons for this decision which will only benefit the developers .

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    This is clearly brilliant news for the developer, he must be delighted. But for the rest of us, it looks utter madness. I commute from Witley where there are usually no car parking spaces after 11am – a similar story in Milford and Godalming. The rail company have no plans, or land, to build more. How will they cope with such a massive increase in commuters? This sets aside the fact that the local schools are full, the surgeries are full…. I suspect Waverley just expect people to cope – it’s why we pay them millions.

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    Keith Hawes

    I am astounded that our councilors can act in a way that gives away so much for virtually nothing. Do they still think they represent the interests of local council tax payers?

    Eleven years ago we had the support of Jeremy Hunt and Ann Milton; where are they now?

  7. Reply
    The POW Team

    Hi Keith,
    Ann Milton is still a supporter of the cause. Jeremy Hunt has had a more permanent seat installed on a fence. He has flip flopped on the Dunsfold issues and has never stood up to be counted. What he does behind the scenes is another matter.

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