Press Release: April 8th 2019

  WHY IS WAVERLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL PLANNING TO BUILD MORE HOUSES THAN NECESSARY? On 21st February, the Council for Protection of Rural England (CPRE) and Protect Our Waverley (POW) were…

POW’s quest for answers continues

This is the reply from Tom Horwood 12th September From: Tom Horwood <Tom.Horwood@waverley.gov.uk> Subject: RE: Reply to WBC regarding Open Letter Regarding use of Council Funds Date: 12 September 2018…

POW response to Waverley LPP1 consultation

Protect Our Waverley's response to the consultation on LPP1 is viewable here: Response_Waverley_LPP1_Consultation Supporting documents are included below: Letter-GrahamP-WBC-Policy-SS7A Appendix_1_to_POW_LPP1_Consultation_MM3_and_MM4 Appendix_2_to_POW_LPP1_Consultation_MM22_and_MM23 Appendix_3_to_POW_LPP1_Consultation_General