Announcement on Appeal: BBC Surrey 27th November

November 27, 2018


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    Doug Tait

    Thank you again so much for all your efforts. Waverly appear to have painted themselves very darkly.

    further donation made to hopefully help with costs

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    POW Webmaster

    Thank you Doug, Your continued support is appreciated. Dunsfold is a real blow to the team, and to the wider base of supporters. Time will tell just how much of a disaster Dunsfold construction will be to us within the 10 mile radius. We are already seeing an exponential rise in HGV construction traffic on the roads around Cranleigh and the corridors West to the A3 and North to Guildford, South to Horsham.

    So it is doubly important that we continue to address the ridiculous situation of Waverley committed to approve housing for Woking’s unmet need – that no longer exists. It is impacting on many around the borough – hence the rise of individual local protest groups. Unless we get the mandatory numbers down, it is an uphill struggle for campaigners to halt these developments – especially as it is Open Season with the CiL exemption still in force until March next year – thanks Waverley.

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    n wilkinson

    What is meant by, ‘the CiL exemption still in force until March next year.

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      Whilst LP1 is in force the arrangements for WBC to apply CiL (Community Infrastructure Levy) is not. That only becomes enabled in March 2019. So we now have open season on developers rushing through applications for large schemes where they will be exempt from paying any CiL – as long as the application is made before March. Hence the rush of the planning applications recently. Instead of CiL the S.106 payments would be required, and developers see those as far less onerous. WBC Councillor Paul Follows explains it very well on his Facebook blog.

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